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1.5 KW System

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1.5 KW is Energy Farms minimum recommended size to gain the most out of the government rebates. This could cover the power bill of a conservative energy user and feedback power into the grid if your energy use during the day is minimal.  You will be amazed at what a difference even a system of this size will do.

System size: 1.5kW

System annual energy output: 2410kWH

System daily average output: 6.6kW

- 5x290watt panels (highest quality with 25 year output guarantee)
- Arrid racking system (20 guarantee)
- SMA Sunny Boy inverter (5 year warranty upgradeable to 12 years)
* or include a 2KW Aurora inverter so you have the option to add more panels later
- Quality install guaranteed by one of our trusted teams not an unknown subcontractor

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