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2 KW System

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A 2 KW could cover your entire bill for a conservative energy using family or couple. See below for general daily expected output. Pictured above is the latest Sunny Boy inverter from SMA which can be used either indoors or outdoors.  As an option you can include the Aurora 2KW inverter for inside installation.  It looks the same as the one pictured in the 3KW section.

System size: 2KW

System annual energy output: 3250kW

System daily average output: 8.9kW

- 8x250watt panels (highest quality with 25 year output guarantee)
- Arrid racking system (20 guarantee)
- SMA or Power One Aurora inverter (5 year warranty upgradeable to 12 years)
- Quality install guaranteed by one of our trusted teams not an unknown subcontractor

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