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3 KW up to 3.6 KW System

products 3kw 3 KW up to 3.6 KW SystemWith a system size of 3 KW or above you can choose between the Aurora or the Sunny Boy inverters in your package. The Aurora featured here is currently the slimmest inverter on the market with a depth of less than 6cm! Great for inner city living where garages or laundries are a tight fit and you want something that can be nearly flush up against the wall.

System size: 3KW

System annual energy yearly output: 4850kWH

System daily average yearly output: 13.5kWH

- 12x250watt panels (highest quality with 25 year output guarantee)
- Arrid racking system (20 guarantee)
- Aurora PVI3600 inverter or Sunny Boy TL3000 (5 year warranty upgradeable to 12 years)
- Quality install guaranteed by one of our trusted teams not an unknown subcontractor

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