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5 KW systems are fast becoming our biggest request.  The huge rise in interest has occurred since the extra feed in tariff came into operation in August 2010. People realise that the payback period of a system of this size can still as low as  5 years! The up front costs are obviously higher but the long term rewards are greater.

Even if you are quite a large energy consumer expect it to zero your bills.  If you are a small energy user then expect a faster payback period and cheques rather than bills from Synergy. We are very competitive on systems of this size and our 250 watt monocrystalline Suniva panels means less roof space (and less panels) are required for the installation.  We use Sunny Boy 5000TL inverters as standard for a 5kW install.

Give us the opportunity to quote for you today and you won’t be disappointed.

System size: 5kWh

System annual energy yearly output: 8600kWh

System daily average yearly output: 23.5kWh

- 20x250watt mono crystalline panels (highest quality with 25 year output guarantee)
- Arrid racking system (20 guarantee)
- SMA or Power One Aurora inverter (5 year warranty upgradeable to 12 years)
- Quality install guaranteed by one of our trusted teams not an unknown subcontractor

5 KW inverters are the maximum size allowed for residential energy being fed back to the grid through Synergy to claim the feed in tariff.

Energy Farm can offer business solar installations as well as country installations where 10KW systems are generally allowed to feed back into the grid under agreements with Horizon power.  For installations above 5KW Energy Farm recommends SMA inverters such as the Sunny Boy 8000TL and 10000TL.

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