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Solar likely to be as elusive for Obama as Carter

A group of environmental activists set out last week on a publicized road tour from Maine’s Unity College to Washington, D.C., hauling a nearly forgotten historic relic – a solar panel – to dramatize the importance of alternative energy. The question, in today’s political climate, is whether it will remain a relic.

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Energy Farm secures new solar panel deal

energy cells Energy Farm secures new solar panel deal

September 2010

Energy Farm this month made an agreement that will see more efficient high quality panels being imported into Perth in 250watt and 290watt sizes.  Designed in America and manufactured in India, the panels are of very high quality/efficiency and include longer warranties than many panels coming out of China.

Energy Farm sees this as a real step forward for the home owner who now has the option to put less panels on their roof due to these highly efficient modules and they make a great addition to our growing list of panel brands and options.  To top it off, they are a great looking module, the image pictured above is a closeup of a panel that is on one of our staffs roof!

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Green energy boost for state’s power

WA is set to shine with two new power stations that use green energy. The station at Kwinana is a $130 million, gas-operated and privately-owned complex. The second station opened today in Marble Bar and is the world’s first that combines renewable and traditional sources of generation. It incorporates a single-axis tracking solar farm with diesel technology and a flywheel-energy storage system.

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