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When most people are getting bills from Synergy many of our customers are getting cheques!

Now I know you want to read more and see one of the first bills ahem I mean cheques since the August 2010 change to the West Australian feed in tariff for renewable energy.

If you are on this site then clearly you are interested about solar power. Have you wandered though about how effective it can be? Or have you done the sums for yourself and you are trying to convince your friends that it is the right move to go green as well as generate income?  Well, maybe the below credit from Synergy (which will be converted to a cheque) is enough to convince everyone.

bill energyfarm 01 When most people are getting bills from Synergy many of our customers are getting cheques!

This credit note is from the home of Energy Farm where we have a 3.5kW system on the roof with an Aurora inverter which by todays standards is considered medium size. It will pay itself off in less than 5 years. Granted, if you wanted to see cheques of this size you need to be a low energy user like we are or you need to have a bigger system but it shows just what is possible.

Incase you are wondering, how do we achieve such a low power bill? A part of that is due to monitoring what chews up power throughout your house and how we use power during the day. We sell monitoring systems that allow you to do just that. They are also included free with out larger system installs.
We also use led lighting where possible throughout our building. Led lighting use to mean ugly lighting but current shifts in technology have led to more efficient, better priced and better looking systems. When you are getting a quote for your solar feel free to enquire about your general energy usage and habits.

Become a net energy provider and you too might be seeing cheques rather than bills and believe me, thats a good feeling! There has never been a better time to be considering solar. Contact us today and we can show you how to make solar work for you.

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