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Energy Farm has complete packages starting from only $4990 including installation by our professional Clean Energy Council accredited installers and carpenters. All systems are build with quality components that allow for the monitoring of your energy production and ensure a long life for your investment. Give us the opportunity to build a package tailored to your needs and your budget. We offer free no obligation quotes 7 days a week.


The inverter is at the heart of your system and like all electronic equipment there are vast differences in quality and performance.  When you see solar panel packages that have a price that is substantially lower than reputable companies you will normally find they are using a cheaper quality inverter.

Energy Farm only uses high quality inverters in its solar installs. We have good relationships with the best European inverter manufactures so we can offer you great prices on quality products . The inverter we recommend will vary depending on the size of your system and if you require an indoor or outdoor installation.

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Solar Panels

Energy Farm uses exceptionally high quality Suniva monocrystalline solar panels which feature 25 year warranty for energy output efficiency to remain above 80%. While most competitors panels are rated often at 175watt or 190 watts our panels are rated at 250watt meaning more power for less panels on your roof.

Suniva is an American company and world leader in cell technology making some of the most efficient panels in the current PV market. Call for further details.

Mounting systems

Many people do not think to ask about how the system will be mounted to your roof and yet this is a critical part of the whole process. After all, it is what holds your investment in place and it has to do this for decades.

We proudly use a West Australian mounting system made out of the highest quality anodised components. This comes with a 20 year product warranty.  Many racking systems on the market are cheap imports that do not even meet the new Australian standards that have come into place this year for mounting systems with PV Solar installs.  The quality and product warranty of the mounting system should be a consideration when getting quotes for your install.


monitor power2 ProductsCurrent cost ENVI meters are included free in any package above 4KW. These wireless devices let you monitor energy usage within the home as well as the energy produced by your solar system.

Great to teach your kids (or yourself) about your power usage trends! The information can also be fed to a laptop and monitored using free Google Power Meter software. Energy Meters are also available to purchase at discounted prices with smaller system installs.

Other services

monitor graph ProductsThe inverters we use allow you to monitor your energy output in real time on a screen window on the display. This in itself can be rather satisfying to see that your system is up and running properly and how much energy you are producing and money you are saving.

Need to take things a step further? We can set up laptop computers or desktop machines to monitor the output of your energy production either in real time or as a monthly download.  Just ask us what you want, we can provide a solution to meet your needs.

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