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Solar power plan without a carbon price is too good to be true

Carbon pricing is all too hard when the economy is the way it is.  That is something Obama has found out the hard way. All people see it what affects them directly and at this time in the United States this is stability and jobs. So carbon trading takes a back seat. In Australia amazingly the same thing may happen using America as an excuse for sitting back and doing nothing. Still solar in Western Australia will continue with its strong momentum while we still have up front RECS discounts as well as a decent feed-in tariff. Get it while you can!

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Clean energy to trump coal for bank lending

WESTPAC, the country’s second-largest bank, has flagged its lending policies will favour energy efficiency and clean energy projects over new coal-fired power stations as momentum grows for the introduction of a price on carbon emissions.

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West Australians to pay for dirty living

WA is the most polluting, energy-guzzling, waste producer in the nation, according to a damning new study.

We have not been paying for our electricity so that is much more of an incentive for householders and industry to consume considerable amounts of electricity

Murdoch University business and development lecturer Peter McMahon warns West Australians will pay dearly through their hip pockets for living in one of the least-sustainable societies in the world.

His report, which examines the energy, transportation,environment, farming and mining sectors, covers WA sustainability from 1829 to 2020.“The energy-intensive WA economy faces huge challenges as carbon-control schemes and peak energy trends will raise energy costs dramatically,” Dr McMahon said.

“Rising living standards in WA have led to the state being the highest energy-user and the worst polluter and waste generator in the country.”

In his report, WA2020, Dr McMahon said the state needed to make significant policy changes in the next decade to avoid dramatic price increases and tackle drought, soil erosion and salinity problems.

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Even Oil Rich Gulf Countries Look to Renewable Energy

energy cells Even Oil Rich Gulf Countries Look to Renewable Energy

You’d think that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in the Persian Gulf would have nothing to do with alternative energy initiatives, right?  Since they have close to a quarter of the global petroleum reserves literally underfoot, you might assume that they’d try to prevent the development of alternatives, or at least not be interested in using them.  It turns out, however that even the oil rich Gulf is diversifying the energy sources beyond fossil fuels, both for business diversification and as a result of real need.

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Feed-in tariff scheme provides incentive

Householders will soon be given greater incentive to embrace cleaner energy while also reducing the cost of their electricity bill.

Energy Minister Peter Collier has announced State Budget funding of $23million to introduce a residential net feed-in tariff scheme, providing a subsidy to householders with new and existing photovoltaic, wind and micro-hydro systems.

The scheme will open for applications from July 1, with payments to be made from August 1.

It will be available for residential installations where the system is owned by the home owner, including tenanted properties.

“The net feed-in tariff scheme has been set at 40 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) on electricity exported into both the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) and regional grids,” Mr Collier said.

“This is in addition to the price paid under the existing Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme, which will allow householders to receive a minimum of 47c/kWh.

“This provides a genuine incentive for home owners to install renewable energy systems, which not only has a positive impact on the environment but it will also help householders manage their electricity bills.”

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Energy Farm secures new solar panel deal

energy cells Energy Farm secures new solar panel deal

September 2010

Energy Farm this month made an agreement that will see more efficient high quality panels being imported into Perth in 250watt and 290watt sizes.  Designed in America and manufactured in India, the panels are of very high quality/efficiency and include longer warranties than many panels coming out of China.

Energy Farm sees this as a real step forward for the home owner who now has the option to put less panels on their roof due to these highly efficient modules and they make a great addition to our growing list of panel brands and options.  To top it off, they are a great looking module, the image pictured above is a closeup of a panel that is on one of our staffs roof!

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Ocean waves can power Australia’s future, scientists say

waves Ocean waves can power Australias future, scientists say

Waves crashing on to Australia’s southern shores each year contain enough energy to power the country three times over, scientists said on Tuesday in a study that underscores the scale of Australia’s green energy. The research, in the latest issue of the journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, comes as the nation is struggling to wean itself of years of using cheap, polluting coal to power the economy and to put a price on carbon emissions.

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