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Why Solar Energy

why Why Solar EnergyThe knowledge to harvest solar energy has been around for decades yet only recently has it become affordable enough to make it a serious economical decision for your home. Solar panels need not detract from the look of your house, make no noise and have an expected life of at least 25 years making them a safe reliable investment.

Any power you generate in Western Australia is first used by your household and then any excess is sent back to the electricity grid. The energy sent back to the grid is currently sold at 7 cents a unit while the normal energy you use is currently purchased at 22 cents which is soon set to rise. The larger system you have, the more money you will cover your own energy usage as well as sell the excess back to the grid. No matter what your system size, you will be saving on bill or eliminating them all together.  Depending on how you use your energy it may even result in you being paid cheques from your energy provider! Average payback time for most systems sold by Energy Farm is 6 years or less after which time you could be making a profit which is *tax free!

Solar panel systems sold by Energy Farm have a 25-year warranty on their energy production that will ensure you are still generating power free from the sun well after the system has paid itself off.

Did you know that solar power rebates are not means tested? This means anyone can get the full rebates regardless of their income. Good news for reducing (or even zeroing) your energy bills and helping the environment!

* The ATO ruled that residential solar installations were not installed for commercial means and that income generated from them would not be taxable. Some situations may be different so always seek individual tax advice.

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