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Q. I have been contacted by telemarketers promising great prices on solar but they say its only for a 24 hour period and they are very pushy. Is this the real deal?

If someone offers you a deal that sounds to good to be true then it often is.

We won’t try and sell you something over the phone or lock you intro contracts just to make a sale!  Some big companies in the market are doing just that. Our own team members have been called up my telemarketer style companies offering solar over the phone without a site inspection and at ridiculous prices. If someone calls you over the phone and offers you a solar power system without a site inspection then just say no.

Q. How do I know that the company I am using to install panels is legitimate?
I heard on the news about all the botched installation jobs and it has made me rather concerned.

The tick of industry approval is the registration with The Clean Energy Council of Australia. Energy Farm is a member of the Clean Energy Council and our installers are also registered with The Clean Energy Council which is important if you are to receive your government rebate with your installation!

Going the extra mile, Energy Farm uses qualified carpenters for roof installations. Although not an actual requirement and it costs us a bit more,  it means your installation is done the right way by qualified experienced contractors and electricians who are renewable energy specialists.  This is a part of the Energy Farm guarantee. When getting quotes, ask if your roof installers are also qualified carpenters.

Q. The front of our house faces north and I have heard that solar panels also have to face north. I don’t really want to have them on this part of the roof and so visible from the street. Are there any other options?

Although north is the best option where possible, east and west options are not far behind. Mounting on the East and Western sides of the roof is unlikely to drop your overall production by less than 20%. In summer this may even drop to less than a 15% change in efficiency as the east and west winds can aid in the cooling of the panels which results in higher energy production.

Q. I have looked at our Synergy bill and it says we are using 10 units of power a day. What is that compared to everyone else? We are a married couple with no children. My other question is what system size should we be looking at?

Well done, you are operating well below the Australian average for energy consumption. Firstly when your power bill lists ‘units’ each unit refers to as 1 kilowatt hour.  The Australian Bureau of statistics puts average energy consumption for an Australian household at 16kWh (or units) per day. Assuming you are going to have children in the future, Energy Farm would recommend a system size of at least 3KW as this will produce on average around 13.5 kWh a day. Under your current circumstances, this would result in you covering your entire bill as well as feeding a decent amount of energy back into the grid. Getting a slightly larger inverter would also mean you could add a few panels to the system if your situation changes.

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