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Government Rebates

What are the government incentives and what are solar credits?

The Australian Government is supporting the deployment of renewable energy in Australia’s electricity supply through the Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme. The RET guarantees a market for additional renewable energy generation, using a mechanism of tradeable Renewable Energy Certificates known as RECs (backed by a legislative obligation).


On average a household could expect to receive around $3000 in rebates towards the cost of installing a solar power system. The amount can vary as the rebate is based on renewable energy credits which have a fluctuating price much like market stocks. Energy Farm will absorb smaller cost variations as well as give you a fixed price deal on your installation at the time of purchase.

Feed in tariff

The feed in tariff is the icing on the cake when it comes to encouraging households to go green with solar energy. In Western Australia we use a net feed in tariff that for new customers is currently 7 cents. This means that any excess power you produce gets fed back into the grid and sold for more than what you are currently purchasing power for. The model of feed in tariff varies from state to state so be aware of this if you are looking for further information on the subject or simply give Energy Farm a call and we can explain how it all works in greater detail.


At this time only residential households are eligible to take part in the renewable energy credit scheme and you may only apply for the scheme once per residential address. Energy Farm will help check your eligibility to receive solar credits for an installation at your residence.

* If you received a rebate under the old solar credit scheme you might still be available for some discounts if you wish to expand your current system.

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